Frequently asked questions

Is an all-welded car tow dolly better than a trailer that is strategically bolted?

The simple answer is no. In some industries (e.g., aircraft manufacturing), bolts are used instead of welds in areas where high strength is needed.

Remember too: accidents that could potentially damage your tongue or stays can happen sometimes. When they do, bolted parts are easily replaced. Welded parts are not.

What types of vehicles can be towed with the EZ-Haul Car Tow Dollies?

Any automobile with a curb weight that is less than 5,000 lb. can be hauled with our tow dollies. They must also be less than 79" in width from outside tire to outside tire. Tow Max Car Tow Dolly and Premier Car Tow Dolly have slightly different specifications. Visit each page for details.

How do surge brakes work?

Stow -and- GO Folding Tow Dolly™ and EZ-Haul Car Tow Dolly™ (with hydraulic brakes) are both equipped with an actuator and integrated ball and socket coupler. When the tow vehicle slows down or stops, the generated force causes the coupler to push against the hitch ball. The resulting pressure increase drives the fluid in the master cylinder through the hydraulic lines and engages the brakes. The amount of force applied to the trailer brakes is directly proportional to the amount of force generated by the tow vehicle. Conversely, when the tow vehicle accelerates, the pulling motion decreases the pressure and draws the fluid back into the master cylinder resulting in the release of the brakes.

Stow -and- GO is fitted with a Demco actuator while EZ-Haul uses the UFP Trailer Buddy® A-60 actuator. Click here to see an 18-second video of the UFP actuator at work.

If I purchase the Tow Max Heavy Duty Car Tow Dolly or the Premiere Car Dolly, can I upgrade to the UFP or Demco surge brakes later?

Unfortunately, no, but you can upgrade to electric brakes with the Car Tow Dolly Electric Brake Kit.

Do I need to use a brake controller with the trailer brakes?

Neither EZ-Haul with hydraulic brakes nor Stow -and- GO Folding Tow Dolly requires a brake controller. If either tow dolly should ever become separated from its tow vehicle, the actuated breakaway system on each dolly will set the brakes. Click here for a demonstration of how the UFP A-60 breakaway system sets EZ-Haul’s trailer brakes.

However, if you purchase a Premier Car Tow Dolly and an electric brake kit, a controller is required—but NOT included.

Can you back up with a loaded tow dolly?

No. Using a dolly with a vehicle combination (tow-vehicle and vehicle-in-tow) creates a situation in which there are multiple pivot points. So, if you back up, you will very likely jackknife the dolly and damage your dolly, tow-vehicle, or vehicle-in-tow. For this reason, we recommend that you do not back up.

Do you charge extra for LED taillights? Most other sellers do (if they offer them at all).

No. LED taillights come standard on all of our tow dollies.

What type of wheel straps come with my tow dolly purchase?

Tow Max Heavy Duty Car Tow Dolly, Premiere Car Tow Dolly, EZ-Haul Car Tow Dolly, and Stow -and- GO Folding Tow Dolly come equipped with universal wheel straps that will fit most 14” to 17” standard wheels. Each dolly will accommodate larger wheels; however, different straps will be required.

Do your wheel straps break?

No, they do not break; however, they can be cut and abraded. Consistent rubbing of the straps against the wheel, winch, struts, or any other part of the vehicle or trailer can create abrasions which can ultimately lead to the straps failing. So, it is imperative that the ratchets and wheel straps be inspected before each use and at every stop for food, gas, etc. Discard and replace frayed, cut, or damaged wheel straps with straps that are designed the same as those provided with your Tow Better Dolly trailer.

Can you haul a car, truck, or SUV with the rear wheels on the car tow dolly?

No. Never do that.

Before I tow a vehicle with a car tow dolly, are there any special settings, requirements, or considerations that I need to know about?

Yes. Before connecting one of our car tow dollies—or any car tow dolly—to a tow vehicle, you must check with the manufacturer of the vehicle-to-be-towed and determine whether or not your automobile can be hauled with a tow dolly. During your conversation or correspondence with the manufacturer, you must also find out the settings for the steering wheel (locked or unlocked) while your vehicle is being towed, ignition settings, “Park” or “Neutral” transmission position, connected or disconnected battery terminal, etc. Each car is different. So, it’s critical that you get these answers before towing to avoid damage to your vehicles and other vehicles on the road.

Depending on which dolly you purchase, there may be additional towing considerations, so be sure to carefully read all the details on the description pages.

What is Stand and Store™?

Stand and Store™ is a design element that is specific to EZ-Haul Idler Car Tow Dolly and EZ-Haul Car Tow Dolly with hydraulic brakes. This feature allows you to stand the dolly up on its end when not in use. Make sure to get assistance if you are unable to lift 55 lb. above your head.

Are all Tow Better Dolly trailers compliant to California regulations?


Does my car tow dolly need to be registered?

Although registration is not required in every state, we do provide you with a VIN number, Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO) and federal compliance decal. Be sure to research your state laws before towing.

Where can I find a dealer in my area so that I can look at and buy one of your car tow dollies?

Our products are sold wholesale direct to the public, which means there are no middlemen or dealers. That being stated, some of our past customers have made arrangements with us to see a trailer at our distribution center in Greenville, S.C. before making a purchase. BUT ARRANGEMENTS MUST BE MADE FIRST. Our warehouse is a working one and does not have a showroom. The only products that we would possibly have to show would be ones that are being prepared for shipping. So before visiting, please call us to ensure that we have inventory that can be viewed.


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